Amor en libertad. Aske maite. Love freely. Eeeeegunon mundo!!!

#parlem #hablemos

Escuchar, hablar. Escuchar, conversar. Escuchar, dialogar. Eeeeegunon Mundo!!

4 u

Porque es la manera que tengo de funcionar… con el corazón. Eeeegunon mundo!!! #vulnerabilidad #exposure


Lo que nos conecta… es el corazón. Eeeegunon mundo!!

Today (visual agenda)

Things I would like to do today. Good Morning World!! Eeegunon Mundo!! #VisualThinking #VisualLanguage @muxotepotolobat

for you!

Just because you are how you are!! For you!! Eeeegunon mundo!!

love myself

I love myself. My strength. My weakness. My vulnerability. All my possibilities. I accept and love myself. I hug myself. And I´m ready to open my arms and offer a big huge squeezed hug to the ones who are next to me!