Live… open heartedly. Wholeheartedly. So much inside. So many names, so much intensity, so much light, so many tears, so many dreams… so much Life. Eeeegunon mundo!! Goood morning world!! #egunonmundo #Life #heart #wholehearted #wholeheartedly #vulnerability


I am. who I am. With everything inside. And on my skin. I am, everything in me. Eeeegunon world! Good morning world! ::: «The more intensely you feel the joy of Life, the more intensely you will feel its sadness. That’s the deal. If you just want half of Life, light without darkness, pleasure without […]

Free and alive

We want us… Alive. Possible. Vibrant. Simple. Complete. Complex. Dreamy. Colorful. At times also tired, and with just the right amount of energy. And all the time imperfect and vulnerable. We want us active, moving, changing… and alive. And we want us free. Free of stereotypes. Free from canons. From meaningless ties… and from meaningful […]

for you

Just because any day is a good day to take care about you… about who you care. Eeegunon mundo!!